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Dr Ashraf helps to prepare for MRCP 1 & 2 through high yield topics with specific key words, findings along with data interpretation where required. Practice question bank help you to prepare and able to answers easily in real exam. Data interpretation skills consists of all parts like blood pictures, radiographs, ECGs findings and photographs of infectious diseases including dermatology typical findings usually asked in the exam.



There are two parts of MRCP 2, and we are running online course of MRCP 2, part 1 of written exam. You must have passed the MRCP2 Part 1 written exam within the last 7 years before taking PACES.
Please see below all relevant information based on MRCP UK SITE.


The questions will usually have a clinical scenario, may include the results of investigations and may be illustrated with images such as clinical photographs, pathology slides, inheritance trees, ECGs, X-rays, CT and MR scans, and echocardiograms.
Questions are asked about the diagnosis, investigation, management, and prognosis of patients using multiple choice questions in ‘best of five’ format. This format, in addition to testing core knowledge and comprehension, also assesses the ability to interpret information and to solve clinical problems. There will be five options: one correct answer and four alternatives to the correct answer. The four distractors will be closely related to the preferred option but less correct, therefore acting as plausible alternatives. You choose the best answer from the five possible answers. Each correct answer is awarded one mark; there is no negative marking.
The results of each examination are benchmarked using a process of test equating which ensures that the pass mark is adjusted for the difficulty of the paper and the ability range of the candidates. The reliability of every examination is monitored, and provides assurance that the results identify those candidates who have achieved the required standard.
Examination formats
For a more detailed explanation on the format of each of our examinations and the topics that will be included please see:
1. Part 1
2. Part 2 Written
3. Part 2 Practical Assessment of Clinical Examinations Skills (PACES)


The MRCP(UK) Part 2 Clinical Examination (Practical Assessment of Clinical Examination Skills – PACES) is designed to test the clinical knowledge and skills of trainee doctors who hope to enter higher specialist training (ST3). You must have passed the MRCP2 Part 1 written exam within the last 7 years before taking PACES. The exam sets rigorous standards to ensure your competence across a range of skills and you are ready to provide a high standard of care to patients. For further detail please see below.

2 Mock Test Included for Written part

Course based on the practice of questions which usually appeared in a real MRCP exam. Exam’s techniques including data interpretations explanation, Exam’s format can be found with this link:

Mrcp uk Examinations Recorded sessions available for practice.

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